• Beyond Coffee MiniFarm in Comwell Portside

    What is Beyond Coffee?

    Beyond Coffee is a certified organic and circular mushroom producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Beyond Coffee grows delicious, nutritious, and protein-rich mushrooms on waste products, including residual coffee grounds.

    Pictured here is the MiniFarm, our solution for businesses!


  • Grown on Residual Coffee Grounds

    When you brew coffee, only 0.2% of the nutrients are extracted effectively. Only the coffee aroma ends up in the mug. The remaining 99.8%, the coffee grounds, are disposed of, which is a waste of valuable resources.

  • Organic Oyster Mushrooms

    Delicious Mushrooms

    Many mushroom species, including oyster mushrooms, love coffee grounds. Beyond Coffee collects the coffee grounds from businesses in the Greater Copenhagen area and upcycles the coffee grounds, giving them a new lease on life by making them the growth medium.

  • Coffee grounds for mushroom growth

    Step 1: Preparation

    The ecological coffee grounds are collected. The coffee brewing and preparation kills potential bacteria and mold, ensuring the mushrooms are delicious and healthy!

    Mycelium ready to be mixed with coffee grounds

    Step 2: Growth

    The mycelium is then mixed with the coffee grounds. It needs time and our care to grow in their ideal conditions with regulated humidity, temperature and C02 levels!

    Oyster Mushrooms grown on coffee grounds

    Step 3: Harvesting

    After three weeks in darkness, and approximately one week in light, the organic, ready-to-eat oyster mushrooms emerge.

    It's even possible to harvest multiple times from the same coffee grounds!

  • Certified Organic and Circular Process

    The mushrooms are certified ecological as Beyond Coffee only collects organic coffee grounds. In addition, this is a circular process, which closes the loop through the upcycling of the coffee grounds.

  • Our Commitment to Collective Betterment

    Beyond Coffee's commitment to sdg 3

    Protein-rich and certified organic mushrooms. Rich in Vitamin B12 and fibres.

    Beyond Coffee's commitment to SDG 11

    Local, green production with Copenhagen as the start and end-point.

    Beyond Coffee's commitment to SDG 12

    Circular process that utilises residual products as primary input – used coffee grounds and sawdust.

    Beyond Coffee's Commitment to SDG 13

    Beyond Coffee’s process emits 88% less C02 than imported mushrooms.

  • Who are we?

    Lea Kyhl

    Lea Kyhl is CEO of Beyond Coffee and former CEO of Vejrø Gruppen and Innovation Manager at DTU Elektro.

    Julie Hulegaard

    Julie holds a master degree in sustainable design engineering and is head of operations in Beyond Coffee.

    Holger Winsløw Larsen

    Holger leads the mushrooms production in Beyond Coffee and holds a degree in Ethnology. 


    Thomas Harttung

    Thomas Harttung is a senior activist, farmer and co-founder of Beyond Coffee.

    Our Support

    Beyond Coffee is honoured to have the help and support of numerous part-time staff as well as student workers and interns from leading universities in the Øresunds Region.

    Tobias Lau

    Tobias Lau is a junior activist, ethnologist and co-founder of Beyond Coffee.

  • Our Partners

    It is impossible to grow great mushrooms without help!

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Privacy Policy
Handling of personal data
If you feel that we do not handle your personal data in accordance with our responsibility then you can contact the Danish Datatilsynet.

Data rights
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