• Products

    From our small shop in Jægersborggade in Copenhagen, we offer a range of products, all of them supporting the idea of circular economy.

    Some of them we produce ourselves, some in close collaboration with others and some are just so nice, that we cannot help ourselves.

    Grow Kit

    With a Grow Kit you can utilize your own coffee grounds to grow beautiful oyster mushrooms at home in your kitchen - or at your office.


    Oyster mushrooms

    Our oyster mushrooms are grown only 1 km from our shop. The mushrooms are grown only on organic coffee grounds collected from local university and company canteens.


    The mycelium can be used to grow oyster mushrooms in a relevant growth medium - or to revive your Grow Kit if contaminated.

    Cup made from coffee grounds

    The cappucino cup from the German company Kaffeeform is made from coffee grounds and bio-polymers. The cup has a scent of coffee - even before you use it.