• Communication, courses and the mushroom farm

    Through our work making produce with waste products, we have acquired useful know-how that we will happily pass on and share with others.


    Below you can find some of the services and products we offer organisations, companies, etc.


    We are flexible and able to accommodate any solution to fit particular needs, wants and wishes.

    Contact us on communication@beyondcoffee.eu, if you wish to know more.


    Visiting our mushroom farm on Nørrebro is probably the best way to learn about and understand the journey of the coffee grounds - from waste to delicious mushrooms. We have ample experience with group tours, along with workshops on site.

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    Lectures and education

    Our extensive know-how into sustainable food production is practical, if you wish to add an alternative take on the applications of bio-waste to a school course.

    Let us know, if you want more information!


    If you or your company would like an intensive course specifically on growing mushrooms in coffee grounds, we offer 4-day courses.
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    Container farm

    A lot of big companies throw out tons of coffee grounds that can be used for growing healthy foods. We offer turn-key solutions: a production ready and mobile mushroom farm!