• When you make coffee, you only use 0.2% of the coffee's nutrients. Only the coffee aroma ends up in the coffee you drink.

    The remaining 99.8% are disposed as coffee grounds.

    That is a waste of resources!



  • Instead of disposing the coffee grounds, Beyond Coffee collects it. We use it to grow delicious oyster mushrooms. Because the oyster mushroom loves coffee grounds.

  • Step 1

    The coffee grounds are collected. The brewing of the coffee kills potential bacteria and molds.

    Step 2

    Mycelium is mixed with the coffee grounds.

    Now the mycelium needs time to grow!

    Step 3

    After three weeks in darkness, and approximately one week in light, the oyster mushroom emerges.

    It's even possible to harvest multiple times from the same coffee grounds.



  • Who is Beyond Coffee?

    Ebbe Korsgaard

    Ebbe Korsgaard is CEO of Beyond Coffee

    Oscar Kaaber

    Oscar Kaaber is bicycle geek, student of Ethnology and is Production Manager at our farm on Amager, Copenhagen.

    Thomas Harttung

    Thomas Harttung is a senior activist, farmer and co-founder of Beyond Coffee.

    Tobias Lau

    Tobias Lau is a junior activist, ethnologist and co-founder of Beyond Coffee.