• When you make coffee, you only use 0.2% of the coffee's nutrients. Only the coffee aroma ends up in the coffee you drink.

    The remaining 99.8% are disposed as coffee grounds.

    That is a waste of resources!



  • Instead of disposing the coffee grounds, Beyond Coffee collects it. We use it to grow delicious oyster mushrooms. Because the oyster mushroom loves coffee grounds.

  • Step 1

    The coffee grounds are collected. The brewing of the coffee kills potential bacteria and molds.

    Step 2

    Mycelium is mixed with the coffee grounds.

    Now the mycelium needs time to grow!

    Step 3

    After three weeks in darkness, and approximately one week in light, the oyster mushroom emerges.

    It's even possible to harvest multiple times from the same coffee grounds.



  • Who is Beyond Coffee?

    Ebbe Korsgaard

    Ebbe Korsgaard is CEO of Beyond Coffee

    Julie Hulegaard

    Julie holds a master degree in sustainable design engineering and is head of operations in Beyond Coffee.


    Holger Winsløw Larsen

    Holger is leading the mushrooms production in Beyond Coffee and holds a degree in Ethnology.


    Thomas Harttung

    Thomas Harttung is a senior activist, farmer and co-founder of Beyond Coffee.

    Tobias Lau

    Tobias Lau is a junior activist, ethnologist and co-founder of Beyond Coffee.